Growing up my dad always had a camera in his hand or a video camera on his shoulder (think about a 1980’s camcorder, you know - the ones that recorded onto VHS tapes - a true dinosaur).
I was soon to follow in his footsteps as soon as I discovered disposable cameras. My parents must have taken me to have my pictures developed weekly. In high school the game changed when they bought me my very first digital camera. At some point between then and now, it has become a passion.

BEHIND THE LENS: I'm a full time mama of two, Emma and Leo. I’m a big fan of iced coffee, college football (Go Dawgs!), all things Halloween, cheesy puns and dad jokes, DIY projects, Animal Crossing, and a soft pair of fuzzy socks.

If you decide to hire me for your wedding, fair warning: I can not resist the Cupid Shuffle!

I look forward to meeting you and capturing beautiful moments for you and your family to look back on!

“If you don’t think photos are important, wait until they’re all you have left.” – Missy Mwac